The Springdale Directory was created as a volunteer effort of the Springdale Neighborhood Association (SNA).

The purpose of this directory is to showcase businesses and resources located in zip code 06907. We are excited to take the first steps in making those long-held ideas a reality.

The goal of the directory is to provide residents one go-to place for Springdale businesses and resources. We hope it will become an information trove that will save everybody a lot of time and energy and lead to new connections.

Studies show that for every $100 spent at a neighborhood business roughly $68 stays in our local economy. The same amount spent at a large business keeps only $43 in our local economy. If all the people of any average American city were to shift just 10 percent of their spending from online stores and chains to local businesses, it would bring an additional $235 million into the local economy every year.  – Sen. Carlo Leone

We hope the directory will help:

  • Prospective homeowners to check out the community more easily.
  • Longtime residents to discover and delight in hidden gems that are now more visible.
  • Prospective businesses easily to identify business opportunities and existing potential suppliers and partners.
  • Small businesses without a storefront to more easily connect with potential customers.
  • Established retail businesses to highlight products or services of particular interest to Springdale residents, or to vary what they feature throughout the year.

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The Springdale Neighborhood Association welcomes the participation of all who are interested in our community — its beauty, safety, and quality of life. Whether you rent or own, live in a house, a condo, or a studio apartment, have lived here for decades or just moved here last week, you are welcome. Working together, we make Springdale great.

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