Dimare Pastry Shop

DiMare Pastry Shop in Springdale invites you to visit for all your special occasion cakes, pastries, cookies, and more.  We’re near the Springdale train station for easy pickup, but we also deliver wedding cakes in the tri state area and will ship biscotti or Sara Bernhardts.

Founders Ugo and Bice DiMare (originally from Minturno, Italy) working with their daughters Maria and Sabrina and the rest of the DiMare family. We look forward to making your wedding, birthday, shower or special occasion cake as delicious as it is memorable.  You can either choose from our list of cake flavors, or bring your ideas and we will create a combination of your choice.  We also bake photo or logo cakes.  Does your child have a favorite cake mold?  Bring it in, and we’ll bake the birthday cake in your mold.

We also bake fruit desserts, croissants, danish, breakfast muffins, and cookies, biscotti, and cannolis.

There’s something for everybody – we hope you’ll come satisfy your sweet tooth at DiMare.

March Special
Pound Cake  – $3.95

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