Doggie Doo Not

Doggie Doo Not LLC services clients who need waste management from dogs. Owners Tom and Ashlee Nestor first started this local business in 1999 and have since grown the business off of a reputation for quality and timely service. Rates depend largely on the size of the yard, the dog(s), and/or the number of dog traffic.

Doggie Doo Not! finds, scoops and hauls away dog poop so you don’t have to! We clean up yards, parks, office grounds, apartment complexes, kennels, dog runs – anyplace that needs scooping.

We customize our service to fit your needs. We will service your space daily, weekly, monthly, or just when you are hosting a special event.

Our rates are very reasonable. You just pay for what you need. Your rate will depend on the size of your dog, the number of dogs and the size of the yard. In the case of more public areas, the amount of dog traffic sets the rate. There are no contracts and you can cancel as late as the day of service, provided we are able to contact our scooper to reroute him in time.

The tools of our trade are simple, yet effective. We scoop using dust pan, shovel, rake, disinfectant and gloves. And we haul away all waste and dispose it according to law, in an approved waste management facility.

Customer satisfaction is what has built our business and continues to inspire people to recommend us to all their friends. We are committed to doing the job that none of our customers want to do…thoroughly and professionally…and always with a smile.

Guarantee: if you are not completely satisfied with the job we do, we’ll come back and do it until you are.