Toquam Magnet Elementary School

  • 123 Ridgewood Ave, Stamford, CT, United States
  • 203-977-4556
  • 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM; Early Release Dismissal 1:20 PM Delayed Opening 11:00 AM

The Bank Street Program at Toquam is one of four magnet elementary schools in Stamford. It provides a child-centered approach to learning. Its foundation comes from the Bank Street College of Education in New York City. The program has been functioning and expanding in Stamford since 1972.

The Bank Street Program at Toquam School encourages individuality, creativity and critical thinking. Our goals are to develop inquisitive, lifelong learners who have the skills necessary to pursue their questions and work towards possible solutions. Therefore, we work hard to provide the children with basic inquiry and research skills. We also individualize instruction to meet their varied needs and levels of development when appropriate.

In order to help our students broaden their talents and gain confidence in their special abilities, classroom teachers and specialists offer varied opportunities for our children to express themselves through writing, speaking, art, vocal and instrumental music, creative dramatics and physical education. Children learn to express themselves in classroom communities where group discussions expose them to ideas and different ways of thinking. Class meetings build a sense of community and cooperation. A meeting area in each classroom is designed for this purpose.